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Stock Card Form TemplateStock card is used to show how much stock you have at one time, and how you keep track of it. There are several models of stock cards that can be created where it depends on inventory policy in your company.

This stock card template is intended to record any items from particular supplier. By having them written in this sheet, it will make any logistic people aware about its stock quantity any time. And every time the quantity reach a minimum order level, any logistic staff can remind their superior or finance people to reorder the product.

How to Use Stock Card Form Template

In this stock card template you can write your supplier code and name and period of this log. Then you can type incoming and outgoing products based on dates. Since this sheet is set for particular supplier, the item can be set single or multi. It is up to your department policy. If it is set for multi products, you can write item codes and names, Unit of Measure (UOM), Warehouse (if more than one), purchase and sales price, number of incoming and outgoing quantity, balance quantity and important notes. You can modify these entries to more suited your inventory profile. You can delete unnecessary columns as well. And you can add more rows which it should be easy by using Microsoft Word.

Below of this stock card table, you will find stock control information that should be written with maximum, minimum and reorder level. You can add signature boxes if you think you want to know logistic people who responsible with particular stocks at any time.

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